About Spousal Support – An Overview

The federal Divorce Act sets out the rules for spousal support for married couples who get divorced. The Divorce Act applies across Canada (whereas each province has its own laws for dealing with couples in common-law relationships and for married couples who separate but who are not divorced).

Under the Divorce Act spousal support is usually […]

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The Truth About Enhanced Credit

Canada’s Truth in Sentencing Act became law in February 2010. It changed the law regarding how much credit can be given for time spent in custody before a person gets sentenced. Judges used to have a fair bit of discretion, and typically gave double (or 2-for-1) credit based on considerations such as the fact that […]

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Enhanced Credit for Remand Time

R. v. Kovich, [2013] MJ No. 417, dealt with the provisions of the Criminal Code and the Truth in Sentencing Act dealing with bail and credit for pre-sentence custody.
This  appeal challenged the validity of s. 719(3.1) of the Criminal Code, which arguably prohibits a sentencing judge from giving enhanced credit for pre-sentence (remand) custody where […]

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