So: You Want to go to Disneyland

There is a complicated list of reasons why it can be difficult to travel to the US. The US Customs and Border Protection website discusses some of them, such as the effect of having a criminal record, but it can be confusing. The Canadian Border Security Agency and the US Customs and Immigration Services can […]

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The Court’s Coat-of-Arms

A coat-of-arms hangs on the wall behind the judge’s chair in BC’s courtrooms. Going back to colonial times, it symbolizes the sovereign’s authority in the courtroom. Featuring two slogans: “Dieu et Mon Droit”; and “Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense”, it is not the official coat of arms of the British monarch but […]

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Evolution of Sex Assault Decisions Regarding ‘Consent’ – Supreme Court of Canada*

There must be evidence to support an ‘honest belief’ that the complainant consented: R v Pappajohn (1980).

An defendant cannot be willfully blind about consent: R v Sansegret (1985).

Consent must be freely given, and ‘implied consent’ is not a defence in sexual assault cases: R v Ewanchuk (1999).

A sexual assault is not just about […]

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October B.C.Take Five Newsletter

Please click here for the October issue of BC Take Five, summarizing what we have selected as the five most interesting cases from the British Columbia Court of Appeal in September.

OnPoint’s New Cousin, Lucent:

While OnPoint continues to provide superior legal research and writing services, Lucent assists law firms, companies, and other organizations by recruiting experienced […]

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