Child Custody Law

The Children Come First

Legal issues involving children can be complex and emotionally charged. At this difficult time for your family, you need the help of an experienced law firm that you can trust to handle your case with the utmost compassion, skill, and professionalism. Hillside Law is the team to help you through this difficult process.

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Child Custody – Family Lawyers in Penticton BC

Establishing the best interests of children can be one of the most challenging issues arising from a divorce or separation. Our legal team are experts in dealing with issues of guardianship, custody and access. We will assist parents in supporting their children’s best interests by: arranging where their children will live after a relationship breakdown, how much time the children will spend with each parent, and how decisions will be made by the parents for the children.

Our satisfaction comes from helping those in need of advocacy, information, or advice during a child custody case. Our team at Hillside Law is committed to improving the lives of children and their families through skillful legal representation. They work hard for efficient, positive outcomes while doing everything possible to reach a resolution smoothly and economically.

With the recent changes to the Family Law Act and child custody laws in British Columbia, now more than ever you will need the services of Penticton family lawyers specializing in child custody services to provide you with legal guidance on how your divorce is going to affect your family unit.

You deserve attentive, individualized service and that’s exactly what you can expect when you work with Hillside Law. Navigating child custody laws in British Columbia is difficult. Get help from a law firm that you can fully trust to be on your side. Contact Hillside Law today for more information.