A separation agreement in British Columbia can be defined as a private contract that resolves legal issues that arise when spouses decide to end their marriage relationship. The agreement which is created after discussions and negotiations with the separating spouses outlines the rights and obligations of the parties towards each other. The primary motive of a seperation agreement is to ensure that the parties are bonded legally and are also contented with the result produced.

Our Family Law BC separation attorneys deal with issues pertaining to child custody, guardianship, visitation rights of a parent and regarding how parenting decisions are made regarding a child or children.It can also deal with issues concerning property rights, debts and dealing with spousal support. Generally, an agreement deals with all the various problems relating to the termination of a relationship. However, in some cases, the court makes a decision regarding issues that are not resolved by an agreement.

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Seperation Agreement in BC: The Benefits

  • An agreement is an economical option when compared to litigating in court.
  • An agreement is less time consuming when compared to the lengthy court process.
  • An agreement allows you participate in the decision-making process as opposed to having a decision imposed on you by a judge.
  • An agreement helps provide the parties flexibility in resolving the issues that arise after they have decided to end their relationships.
  • The concerned parties opting for a separation agreement are more likely to adhere to the agreement when compared to a court judgment.
  • A separation agreement is non- adversarial as it is created by working together cooperatively to reach for a resolution that is best for both the parties. This helps increase the chances of preserving relationships.

Drafting a Separation Agreement in British Columbia: Costs

The cost of making an agreement depends primarily on the amount of time taken to draft it. At Hillside Law, we provide a flat fee for all family law agreement services. However, we do not take extra charges for services such as faxing, long distance telephone calls, photocopying, and secretarial services, thereby helping you save money. Additionally, filling the agreement intake form can help us save time and increase your savings.

Why should you choose Hillside Law for drafting your separation agreement?

We have knowledge and proficiency in drafting all types of family law agreement, such as separation agreements, marriage contracts, cohabitation agreement and prenuptial agreements. We provide our clients high – quality professional service at the most cost-effective price. We are well aware of your requirements and will do our best to help you with your problems. To contact and make an appointment for a quote, call at (250) 487-7030.

What should I do to start drafting my separation agreement?

You can either call us directly at (250) 487-7030 or fill the general intake form and have one our lawyers assist you regarding the procedure.