Denial of Disability Benefits

Have you been denied your long term disability benefits?

At Hillside Law, we’re here to help.

As insurance companies look to tighten their belts, more and more people are being denied the disability benefits they are entitled to.

disability claim denial lawyers in Penticton BC


Why are disability benefits being terminated?

If you have been left disabled and unable to work – either temporarily or permanently – you should rightfully expect your insurance company to help you fill in the gaps.

When it comes to helping people with short and long term medical needs, insurance companies regularly and routinely look to save money by refusing to pay legitimate disability claims.

Having your benefits denied or terminated in the face of clear medical evidence is something you can, and should, fight. They are betting you won’t.


Here at Hillside Law Inc, we have helped many people in the Penticton BC area who have had their disability benefits terminated or denied unjustly.

Our absolute priority is always to ensure that you get the disability benefits you are entitled to receive.

Dealing with health issues is a stressful enough time as it is. We strongly believe that you shouldn’t be left worrying about your financials too.

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