Living in Penticton Pros & Cons

Imagine riding along any of the scenic highways available in British Columbia. The adventure is amazingly good thereby reminding you that you are living in one of the most exciting regions on the globe. The mountains, forests and open plains constitute the better part of British Columbia. Anyone calling an area of British Columbia his/her home is very fortunate.

To all of us living in this province, one of the highest privileges that we enjoy is the choice to set down our roots. What is more is that you can do so anywhere in the province of British Columbia.

Everything that you want is covered in this province. For instance, if you like the lights and the actions, Vancouver, which is one of the biggest cities in Canada, has got you covered. If you are looking for a region full of constructions, forests, and manufacturing, Penticton has your back. If you are the type who prefers having a quiet life, there is something for you as well, try Nelson or Enderby. The bottom line is when in British Columbia, it matters not what type of person you are. Just find something that suits you.


  1. Cost
    While it is true that British Columbia is one of the most expensive provinces you can ever reside in, the average figures that you see are because of the real estates developed in Vancouver. When you visit some regions such as the northern parts of the province, you will notice that many affordable houses are available. If you do not mind living in a hilly area, living in these regions is ideal.
  2. Space
    Unlike Vancouver or Victoria where the parts are very populated, British Columbia is very spacious. If you are into hiking and biking through the forest, BC is the place to be. All you have to do is to be confident of what you are doing.
  3. Access
    Do you hate rush hour traffic; in BC, your wish for a slow lane is guaranteed. Most of the little-known towns in BC have their locations near one or several major highways. This makes access to various locations very easy and convenient. Moreover, not many people reside here therefore commuting is very easy.


  1. Entertainment
    Given that not many people live in the small towns of BC, it follows that there are limited theaters, restaurants and other various forms of arts. Given that the city is not as large residing here would mean that you would have to forego the entertainment and lavishness that comes with living in the city. Even though you can still find some source of entertainment in this region, your options are limited.
  2. Jobs
    How you earn your living will determine where you live in Canada as a whole and not just BC alone. While it is true that you can find an excellent job in the city, it is also true that living in the small towns of busy would mean that you would have a dock in your earnings.

When determining whether to live in BC, weigh the pros and cons involved. Have a clear budget of what your needs then make your decision.

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