Notarizing Documents

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Notarizing Documents

Lawyers are also Notaries Public.

Getting a document notarized means having your signature witnessed by a Notary Public to prove the document is genuine and that you signed it of your own free will, without duress. It means you want the document to have full legal force and effect.

Simply having something notarized is not the same as getting legal advice.

What’s in the document needs to be true. (It is a criminal offence to ‘knowingly make’ a false document.) Once notarized, the document can’t legally be altered without making a new one.

When you see a lawyer to have something notarized, the document can’t be blank and you have to sign it with the lawyer present. It should already be completed – except for your signature. You will also need prove who you are by showing the lawyer 2 pieces of government-issued ID (at least one of which needs to have your photo on it). Your name in the document should be as it is on ID.

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