The exceptional setting between Skaha and Okanagan lakes makes Penticton well-situated. The area is surrounded by clay bank cliffs, forested ridges, and granite bluffs. From here, it is easy to access the winter resorts and mountain lakes. One can also experience the outdoor recreation every season. Penticton is also situated along the Okanagan wine country, a vibrant agricultural location that offers fresh ingredients to the local community. This region is known to be excellent food and wine destination to numerous visitors. If you are a cultural-minded tourist, Penticton is the place to visit this summer. Here are Penticton’s points of interest.

Water Activities

Penticton is rich in beaches with Lake Okanagan beaches to the north and Lake Skaha beaches to the south. Penticton is thus an ideal place to visit during the summer to swim, kayak, fish, water ski, wakeboard, Jet Ski, kite surf as well as windsurfing. You can board the Casabella Princess to enjoy an afternoon cruise. Lake Skaha is adventurous since it possesses outstanding conditions for kite and windsurfers. The area is also easily accessible by visitors due to the presence of public boats. There is a river by the name Okanagan that connects the two lakes. Rent a tube from the Coyote Cruises to experience the movement in this unique river.

Land Activities

In Penticton, you can experience hiking and cycling actions. Usually, people cycles from the Kiwanis Promenade alongside the Okanagan Beach, they then follow the path along Okanagan River Channel and then move to the Munson Mountain lookout. One can also walk to the countryside for a smooth ride via the orchards and vineyards. There are also historical sites and sceneries to view at Kettle Valley Railway (KVR). For one to feel the real adrenaline, the mountain bikers usually cycle along the Three Blind Mice Trails while the rock climbers move along the world famous Skaha Bluffs.

Playing golf is known that Penticton provides the Okanagan’s with an all through the golf course in the form of Skaha Meadows. It is among the three nine-hole courses that are well placed on the trail for more natural movement. They also offer some considerable lake and mountain views and designs. The region’s tournament 6101-yard Penticton Golf Club requires straight drives on the narrow fairways. They also demand a robust, precise game come near the 70 par.

Winter Activities

During the winter season, the snow is dry and thick in the highlands of Penticton. The place is thus suitable for any winter activity. For instance, Apex Mountain Resort provides a complete cold weather experience such as snowboarding, downhill skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and ice skating. Apex is also famous for its mogul courses and World Cup aerial. It is common for the Cross County skiers to reach speeds of 65km an hour at the trails of Nickel Plate Nordic Centre.

Food and Wine

Penticton is centered at the Okanagan wine country. After a twenty-minute drive, it is possible to locate over forty wineries. One can also decide to stay in the city and experience the over sixty wineries situated at the VQA wine shop along the visitor center. There are also tutorials on how to taste the wines in this region. Penticton is a phenomenal place since apricots and peaches grow alongside other tree fruits such as plums, cherries, pears, and apples. You will also come across fresh sample produce served along the roadside stalls. You should not vacate Penticton city without tasting the lager from the micro-breweries.

Arts, Culture and Historical Sites

A lively cultural community, reside in Penticton. There is a school named Okanagan School of arts where skilled artists perform their magic. The art is also displayed everywhere in the city, public parks, wineries, studios, among several other places. Some of the outstanding performing arts scenes include Symphony Orchestra from Okanagan, Cannery Stage and Orchard House Theatre where various groups perform. At South Okanagan Events Centre, it is possible to find celebs performing there.

Penticton’s historic sites also boast of heritage and culture. You can learn more about the evolution of lake transport from the SS Sicamous. Penticton museum will equip you with the history of railways and sternwheelers.


Visit Loco Landing to experience various activities such as go-carts, mini-golf, rock climbing and bumper boats. You can also fly over the land to have a good view of the lakes and mountains. You can also explore the Okanagan lakeshore onboard the Casabella Princess Cruise. Walk through to the circle drive and tour the historic Okanagan falls. Ensure that you even step into the wineries in this beautiful region.

Festivals and Events

Penticton is home to annual festivals. These events include arts, sports, music, wine, and food. Most of the tremendous performances and games are held in South Okanagan. A highlight of the annual events is as follows;

In July, Canada’s outdoor floating screen is held at the Okanagan beach. Here, several films showcasing the leading actors in Canada are aired.

In August of every year, the week-long Penticton Peach Festival takes place here. A pancake breakfast is made, concerts are done, and also people compete in the sandcastle.

Lastly, at spring or fall, Penticton celebrates various aspects of the local wine culture. It is during this time that the favorite Okanagan Wine Festivals happen.

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